Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts: Due by December 16, 2022

The Convention Sports & Entertainment Facilities Conference (CSEF) invites submissions from companies who are involved in designing, constructing and financing these facilities or those who are considering such facilities. Our conference will focus on innovative approaches available to facility owners who in today’s environment are often under increasing pressure to cope with aging infrastructure and changing market conditions such as supply change delays and inflation. The theme for this year’s conference is how to update the project lifecycle (concept, design, financing, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance) in light of the changing environment. The following are some of the topics we urge participants to consider:

  • Public Assembly Spaces and Adaptation to Multi-Use
    • Address the “new normal” post-COVID in project conceptualization and design
    • Think about public assembly and the use of public space
    • Identify best practices in multi-use facilities.

  • Facility Resiliency
    • Enhance the customer experience
    • Adapt to economic, social, environmental and political conditions
    • Address community and social benefit with financial performance
    • Engage private partners in the development process
    • Ensure that a facility minimizes its carbon footprint
  • Entertainment Facility Case Studies
    • Establish unique characteristics of the development, financial and partnering plans
    • Determine priorities for new entertainment developments with considerations for post-COVID needs
    • Share key Lessons Learned from completed and/or operating projects
    • Include sports betting to add year round entertainment value to a facility

Abstracts should provide a 100-word synopsis and also include the types of envisioned panelists (owner/agency, architect, designer, banker, etc.). This year we are putting a higher focus on panels and presentations that include owners to highlight their perspectives and opportunities. Single firm presentations will not be considered in 2023. 

Submissions are now open. Key Dates Include:

  • December 16, 2022 : Submission of Abstract Due
  • January 15, 2023: Noficiation of Acceptance
  • February 15 2023: Submission of Final Abstract